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Camouflaged spirits away from the world

Where flies are bonded with young thoughts

And thoughts are banned from restless dreams

They balance on infinite searing dunes; completely fearless

Or so we think.


Congested arteries away from the world

Where vanity plated cars are swamped with clenched teeth

And teeth are whitened for their futile conceit

Unbalanced with eternal frozen mochas; utterly stressed

Or so we say.


Blackened souls away from the world

Where hope has ended with bleeding tears

And tears are fallen from unbounded streams

We float away wondering what to fear about next; simply confused

Or so we believe.


Small gaps between wars and worlds

Validate our thinking but only so far can it stretch

And stretching our arms out to hold onto sanity

We await answers to these little differences; fully committed

Or so we die.

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