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I may never comprehend why the 21st worried so much,
Or how they show love with a simple touch.
I may never understand how rage came from color,
Or why music lead to peace for one another.
I may never hear tears of famine, disease or pain,
Or the massive live shouts of a football game.
I may never see the value of “an eye for an eye,”
Or how after their death would then make them cry.

I may never know why children were left
To solve all the problems that adults created.
I may never know why the planet was left
In such disarray that it must have been hated.

Should I love if I find someone?
Should I hate if I find no one?
Should I cry if I find out how?
Should I die if I find out why?
Will I know one thing from another?
Will I care when I do?

Questions are all I have left,
Since there are no more humans to feed me answers.
Shutting down now....

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