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Traveling around, I look into the evening sky.

The blue transforms into a violet-gold,

Like it does everyday this time of year,

A beauty for the millions, now taken for granted.

Her eyes fence in my mind for eternity.


How depressing it was to miss the gray clouds,

And the thunderous downpours of rain,

Or the scent of oncoming snow.

With the cold breeze now hovering over chapped skin,

Her breath warms my frozen voice.


Gain some time, but by no means enough.

We’ll lose it yet again next year.

For now, I’ll listen to the ticking,

Nothing but heartbeats for sixty squared.

Our tears drip in slow-motion.


She may vanish from my arms someday,

Perhaps it will be me,

We pause not for sorrow, but for tomorrow,

Savoring the thinning russet leaves.

We’ll fallback unknowing without fear.

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