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Coffee injections and two percent lean,

“Eat what you see, say what you mean.”

With desert eyes in a pied-a-terre,

I feel the silence of each couple's stare.

I see hands clasped, arms twisted in knots.

Now, envious eyes get bloodshot.

The sun replaced with whispers down my neck:

Jaded vampires.

And I see razorblades grinding to get sharp,

Razorblades schooling like a carp,

Razorblades commuting like the dead,

Razorblades spinning around my head,

Pointing to nothing, but a crocodile’s hive,

Wonderland dreams on the thirty-five.

Fear of collapse, frozen hair remains:

Jaded vampires.

But hope springs before I sigh.

Labyrinths now travel as the crows fly.

Her meandering ways and hypnotic gaze,

She stands still.

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