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CAMERON LEVY, a top exec at a film production studio in Boston, is every girl's Prince Charming... if he weren't also a 40-year old sexist manchild. 

After one of the boys gets fired for lewd behavior, their boss, VERONICA, decides to break up the male-harem in the office.  She orders Cameron to find a replacement, with one caveat... it must be a woman.


"A woman?  And I'm the sexist?"


There's no time to argue.  SAMANTHA WELLER, the hottest Young-Adult author since J.K. Rowling, arrives in a few days -- without a female division head, she'll never sign.  And they want this contract.


Veronica's gonna make it easy for Cameron.  She already has her eyes set on the obvious choice, the perfect replacement. 


No!  Not her! Not... RACHEL -- Cameron’s indispensable, over-qualified right-hand gal.  Cameron cannot lose Rachel, he needs her.


So Cameron comes up with a plan.  He outwits Veronica by hiring the office eye-candy, SHEILA.  The pick of the tit-litter.  Done and done.


Rachel knows she's been screwed out of her dream job.  And how does an assistant scorned react?  She and her friends get hammered and put a Hoodoo Hex on that a-hole. 


Perfect.  Candles are lit... feathers are blown... vomit is tossed?  Um... Oops.


Now what?  They pass out, not realizing it actually worked and that across town... Cameron’s writhing on the floor of a strip club.


It’s now a race against the clock.  Every time Cameron insults, demeans, mocks a female, the curse kicks in.  Longer nails?  Check.  Flowing blond hair?  Check. 

TITS??  CHECK?!  What the HELL is going on?

He is slowly changing into a She.  As for Rachel, a bulb finally goes off inside her head-- Did we really...?  Ha, ha, holy shhiiit.


Out of mercy, and a little guilt, Rachel suggests he visit MAMA MANON, her Creole grandmother in New Orleans.  After all, it was her Hoodoo book the girls used to cast the curse (Cameron doesn’t know that).  Surely Manon can reverse the spell.

Cameron jumps at the idea, but Rachel has one condition for helping him: the promotion.  Agreed.  Now, both he and Rachel enter the insanity of Bourbon Street.


During Mardi Gras, Cameron gets to experience exactly what it's like to be a woman in a man's world.


His one shred of dignity?  The further away he is from himself, the closer he gets to Rachel.

After Manon confesses there's nothing she can do, Cameron cuts a deal with the devil, a local witch doctor.


But when Cameron learns that Rachel is the price for his salvation, he decides that some things are more important than his... well, you know.

He, or rather she, returns to Boston and finally realizes: being a woman is not a curse at all.

With that epiphany, and Rachel by his side, Cameron finally returns to his male form...  at least on the outside.


Whoa, Man!

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