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Double Christmas

The Grinch...  Ebenezer Scrooge...  and...  Cole Kerby?


Wait... who?  There must be some mistake.  What could that sweet, innocent, little boy possibly have done to deserve being associated with those two holiday meanies?


After all, Cole loves Christmas.  So much, in fact, that he even wants to have two this year. 


He wants TWO Christmases?  How did he get that idea? 


Cole has always been picked on by his peers.  He seems to be the only one in school whose parents are still married.  It’s a new age where if you don’t have at least two sets of parents, you’re considered the outcast.  The kid others feel sorry for.  The... “Nuke.”


Nuke.  That’s the nickname they gave Cole for being part of a Nuclear family.  He hates it.


It wouldn’t bother him if his mom and dad would act like other parents and step-parents.  All his classmates get everything they could ever want.  They get all the attention, all the sugary treats, double the parties, and double the gifts.


Well, that’s not very fair, is it?


And now three months away from Christmas, the news arrives...  THE holiday item to get is coming this year.  The XR-1 virtual gaming goggles.  The XR of course means eXtra Reality... with graphics so intense... it’ll make you question the real outdoors.


Cole wants this.  He needs this.  But at $600.00?  Impossible!  No way Mom and Dad will get that for him--no matter how many organic vegetables he shovels down his throat.


So, is it hopeless?  Not quite.  He gets an idea.  What if... he splits up his parents in order to get all the benefits his classmates receive.  He, too, wants a second Christmas and the XR-1 goggles.


With his friends’ help, it should be pretty easy, right?  All it takes is a little bit of research, and some clever pranks.


That is until she got involved.  The new girl in school who happens to be Cole’s new lab partner, and definitely not his “girlfriend.”  Once she figures out what he’s really up to, she makes him promise not to go through with it.  But that doesn’t last long.


On Thanksgiving, it happens.  His plan worked.  At last, he’s no longer a Nuke--getting praised by all the kids--and in a few short weeks: his very own Double Christmas.


Although, it’s not the Winter Wonderland he thought it would be.  His dad now lives in a rundown apartment, his mom is home alone, saddened on her favorite holiday.


But at least he got the XR-1, yeah?  That makes him happy, right?


In the end, Cole attempts to fix his mistake before it's too late, and learns that one... is sometimes greater than two.

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