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Double Christmas


‘Twas months before Christmas, not quite Halloween,

Some middle school students were boorish and mean.

To twelve-year-old Cole, it was all rather grim,

Why were these children all laughing at him?


Cole’s parents, you see, are still living together,

Married for what feels like forever and ever.

And what’s wrong with that?  You’re entitled to know.

Well, ‘nuclear’ families are starting to slow.


His classmates, and friends, have more than one dad,

Plus, more than one mom, and that makes Cole sad.

‘Cause what do they get with two sets of parents?

Why, double the birthdays, and double the presents!


Twice the attention, so they’re never ignored,

A double allowance for when they feel bored.

By the end of the year, that’s when they’re most needy.

“Double Christmas,” they call it.  So what if it’s greedy?


“No fair!” Cole shouted, which fell on deaf ears,

“I want that as well,” eyes filling with tears.

But what can be done when one’s parents stay true?

“I’ll split them both up.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do.”


“They’ll compete for my love; I’ll get their attention,

“But I might need some help,” he’s so willing to mention.

Then things will change for his father and mother,

A Double Christmas for Cole, one way... or another.

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