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                                         is a thriller-comedy anthology that takes place over a damp November weekend in New England; four interwoven tales in the vein of Twilight Zone, Creepshow, and Trick 'r Treat.


The Diner – A young man offers to drive a happy-go-lucky stranger a few miles down the road, despite being warned of a hitchhiking serial killer in the area.


The Diener – Training to become the next county medical examiner, a morgue assistant stumbles upon a thirty-year-old mystery involving the man he’s replacing.


The Dinner – When she refuses to join her parents at their dinner party, a rebellious teenager devises a plan to stop the joyful affair.


The Donor – In this wraparound story, a local deputy notices links to various crime scenes, while on the hunt to find his wife the perfect birthday gift.

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